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Our Water


Clara Gluten-Free Water is designed to give you peace of mind throughout your day.  Whether at the gym or working late at the office, your lifestyle can't be impeded by the unknown.  You can rely on Clara to bring you the refreshing lifestyle-oriented water that your standards demand.

Clara’s specific water is guaranteed gluten-free with a surprisingly refreshing taste on the palate.  Our 100% glass bottles are crafted by artisans in the Far East and are certain to spark conversation among company in all settings.


750 ML Glass Bottles of Water

Price: 12 + Shipping


“Water so premium you’ll want it on your scotch shelf.”

Our premium 750ml glass-model vessel of Clara Water is the flagship water-themed product for lifestyle-oriented individuals who transcend the simple mindset of Dasani or SmartWater. This water is sourced in Canada and is lovingly contained in Clara’s beautiful swing-top clear glass bottle to showcase Clara’s purity and joie de vive.


Perfect for sharing among close lifestyle-oriented friends.

24 Case of Water


Price: 30 + Shipping

"Our classic product delivered straight to your door and into your lifestyle."

Clara’s original water source in the far-east is a source of enjoyment for every lifestyle-oriented individual whether at a vipassana retreat or simply working as an account manager at an award-winning boutique ad agency. Let your lifestyle be known wherever you go with our perfectly portioned 500 ml bottles of craft water.


Perfect for individual consumption or sharing at a gathering with curious individuals.

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