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About our Name

Born into a wealthy family in the year 1194, St. Clare of Assisi rebelled to become a lifestyle oriented nun following a righteous path of her own choosing. Her righteous path led her to unparalleled piety and self-control. Clara Gluten Free Water offers its lifestyle oriented clients the opportunity to live a life of clarity and purity in the same spirit as one of history’s most venerated saints.

The Clara Promise


Clara Gluten Free Water always strives to create the best, 100% gluten-free water on the planet.  Our lifestyle oriented water is curated and designed by an industry-leading team focused on bringing our distributors and end clients the satisfaction and protection they deserve from high-quality water.


Clara Water is based in Toronto, Canada and is currently accepting applications from those interested in investment opportunities.  To become a distributor, email

If you are interested in becoming a retailer with Clara, email  We offer competitive rates on bulk orders.  If you are looking for Clara in your local health food store or supermarket but can’t find us, email

Clara’s Mission


“To bring a guaranteed safe drinking supply to lifestyle-oriented individuals.”

Clara was launched in 2013 to offer individuals making lifestyle-oriented choices a safe choice when considering their hydration options.  Often enough, consumers are unsure of what goes into a product and it can have detrimental health effects – both physical and mental, Clara offers peace of mind to clients that need to ensure their drinking supply of water meets their lifestyle-oriented needs.

Our philosophy encompasses the Jainism core belief of self-control.  To achieve these goals our water ensures purity and self-control through the knowledge of perfection in the goods we consume.  We hope to pass on these beliefs to our customers.

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